Defend & Build

$4M Fundraising Campaign to defend Father's Legacy and Build Cheon Il Guk


Donate to the Unification Sanctuary

Many people have asked about ways to send tithes and other offerings to the Unification Sanctuary.

Option 1

Please use the new PayPal “Giving Fund” link by clicking on the image below to use PayPal or a major credit card through PayPal. Unification Sanctuary will receive 100% of your donation (without reduction by any transaction fees).

Option 2

Please use the button below to go to a page where you can donate by major credit card or Paypal.

Option 3

If you live in the US, please send a check to:
Sanctuary Church 
P.O. Box 557 
Newfoundland, PA 18445

Option 4

If you prefer to send money by bank wire, please contact the church at:

for the necessary information.