Cheon Il Guk State of the Union Address 2022

August 30, 2022

Pastor Hyung Jin Moon

The Kingdom ofGod, or Cheon Il Guk, is the kingdom long awaited by all the martyrs and saintsof Christendom and the peoples of this world. This Kingdom, beginning from the Lord at His Second Advent, thereturning Jesus, True Father Sun Myung Moon, continues on through his personallyanointed, heir and successor kingship line—The Three Generation Kingship ofGod.  I, Hyung-Jin Moon am the heir andsuccessor chosen by True Father Sun Myung Moon, King of Kings to be hisrepresentative body here on earth.  I didnot choose myself, but the King of Kings appointed me while he lived with us onthis Earth.  Thus, I stand in this placeas the Second King of Cheon Il Guk.  

When we look atthe story of Genesis and Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, God commands A&E(or humanity), “be fruitful, multiply and have dominion [or subdue] theearth.”  We can see that God, the Creatorof the entire universe, gave dominion and the blessing of dominion over theearth to his children Adam and Eve.  Thepowerful Archangel Lucifer, who aided God in the creation of the world, was notgiven this inheritance.  He was to be theservant of God’s children and not the master. However, through the Fall of Eve then Adam, God’s children lost theirdominion, their purity and their blessings. Lucifer reversed dominion and 1/3 of the angels followed Satan, leavingtheir proper position as servants and became the masters of humanity.

The restoration ofAdam and Eve as the first ancestors and as the True Parents of all humanity hasbeen the desire of God since the Fall.  Ifit was not for the faithlessness of the people, Jesus could have established aphysical bride and established a True Family as the True Parents andestablished God’s physical lineage on this earth.  But due to the faithlessness and greed of thepeople, Jesus was framed and convicted as a criminal and put to death.  Through Jesus’ death and resurrection God wasable to bring spiritual salvation to those who believed in the Son, butpromised that he would return to establish His Kingdom on Earth and toestablish the thousand year millennial reign in the future.  Jesus would return for his bride and wouldestablish his Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, the new Jerusalem, stating, “Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in thetemple of my God, and he shall go no more out: and I will write upon him thename of my God, and the name of the city of my God, which is new Jerusalem,which cometh down out of heaven from my God: and I will write upon him my newname” (Rev 3:12).  

Jesusreturned in the person of True Father after the horrors of World War I where 9million combatants and 7 million civilians died and over a 100 million died dueto the plagues that followed the aftermath. True Father as the returning Jesus walked a course of suffering and tribulationindemnifying all the sins of man from the individual, family, tribal, societal,national, world and cosmic levels.  TrueFather endured bitter hatred, reviling, scorn, mockery, convictions,imprisonments under Communist North Korea, S. Korea, Colonial Japan and the US,being falsely accused, slandered and brutally tortured.  He walked the course of the living cross andburdened the 7 deaths and resurrections walking the course of death andpersecution for the sake of securing the lineage of God and the future of theworld as His children and grandchildren.

In 1960, True Fathermarried Han Hakja and elevated her to the position of True Mother.  She followed obediently at first, but laterbecame intoxicated with power, greed and jealousy.  When our True Father ascended to Heaven,finishing the course of his physical life, Han Hakja betrayed him, desecratingall that he had created, usurping the throne from His appointed Heir andSuccessor, and declaring herself as his savior and messiah.  Han Hakja became the Harlot of Babylonopening the door to self-worship and hatred of the Father and the Son whom theFather loved most.  She completely unitedwith Satan who served God but hated his Son and colluded with all the otherarchangelic leaders and fake followers who served the Father but hated that hechose His Son and not them.  Thebetrayers of True Father all share the nature of Lucifer, they state that they“love” the Father, but they hate and reject His Son whom He has chosen to behis Heir.  As Jesus stated, “Believest thou not that I am in theFather, and the Father in me? the words that I speak unto you I speak not ofmyself: but the Father that dwelleth in me, he doeth the works” (John 14:10).

           After theascension of the True Father into Heaven and the fall of Han Hakja who vacatedthe position of True Mother, completely uniting with Satan and becoming adaughter and slave of Satan, the position of True Mother was vacant.  Meanwhile Cain and Abel went to thewilderness of Pennsylvania, with the providential number 154 as the palace, andLord’s Valley as the temporary wilderness residence of the King, and continuedto serve and worship the King of Kings our True Father in Heaven.  The small remnant of the followers of TrueFather gathered there and witnessed the crowning of Abel by the True elderbrother Cain, Kook jin nim, there in the Newfoundland Sanctuary.  Then by the power of True Father’s anointingan aged women appeared in the newfoundland. She was 90 years old, had left everything and lost everything, evenrisking her life to fly “on eagle’s wings” to the wilderness where the Heir andsuccessor and Cain and Abel resided.  Sheturned out to be the very first disciple of True Father in S. Korea and hadfaithfully served him her entire life. It was here where she was reunited, by the Holy Spirit of our TrueFather, with the lineage of Christ and the Heir and Representative Body(Daeshinja) of True Father the Christ; and it was here that she through thedirection from True Father in Heaven became the perfection level True Mother ofHeaven and Earth.  She lived out the restof her earthly life with The Three Kingships of God as the victorious exemplarof a True Woman, a Victorious Eve, Bride of Christ and Queen of Queens.  

           The TrueParents of Heaven, Earth and Humanity guided the 3 Kingships of God toestablish and reclaim the foundation lost in Korea at Chungpyung.  Tennessee, became the place where TrueFather’s Holy Spirit directed the establishment of Chungpyung USA, to restorethe foundation that was desecrated by the Harlot of Babylon.  Here for the last year, the 3 Kingships, withfamily and volunteers, started the settlement of Chungpyung in a completejungle with no septic, no well water, no bathrooms or showers.   By the grace of our True Father in Heaven,we were provided with the Holy Mountain of Chungpyung Spring Water, whichsustained our entire settlement till this day.

           Slowly butsurely the establishment of the Kingdom of God on the microcosm continued.  Rod of Iron Shooting Ranges, both 200, 100and 500 yards long, were established to train the people of God and ourneighbors.  100ft greenhouses, farmingsystems, gravel roadways and multiple dwellings, cabins, camping areas and aWelcome Center were all established in the last year.   The Korean and Japanese church dwellingswere established, as well as the symbolic Chung Jung Goong palace, restoringthe dwelling place of the King of Kings our True Father in Korea that has been defiledand turned into the den of Satan.  

While the worldlives under the curse of the Han Mother’s Fall, the Kingdom culture and systemsare being established on the microcosm here at Chungpyung.  The victorious Cain and Abel, knew that HanHakja betraying True Father on the Cosmic level and declaring herself as God, erectingstatues to herself and worshipping herself, would result in world leveljudgment and World War 3.  Today, the oneworld government cartel rules over the world and is pushing Russia, China andthe US into global conflict and war.  

Already Russia hasdecimated the country of Ukraine threatening all of Europe; North Korea haspromised 100,000 troops to be sent to aid Russia; NATO and the US have movedover 300,000 troops in Europe to high alert and the UK has told their militarysoldiers to tell their families that they may be sent off to war soon.  China has taken over the Taiwan trading andshipping routes after the two-tongued politicians from the US visited Taiwanescalating tension with China, who even shot missiles into Japan waters, nearOkinawa threatening the largest force of US military power in the PacificRim.    Food prices, gas prices and supply chaindisruptions are only increasing worldwide and massive famine and disease isspreading in the third world as the first world countries are economicallycrashing.  These are all the signs andsymptoms of the Fall and betrayal of Harlot of Babylon, Han Hakja who desecratedFather, his Word, and chased away True Father’s Kingship lineage.  

However, since Godhas restored the position of True Mother with True Mother Kang, the ultimateheroine of Faith, Love and Obedience, the providence of God continues to pressforward with the Victorious Cain and Abel, True Father’s 3 Kingships of God andall the Kings and Priests, Queens and Evangelists of the Kingdom of God.   In the word of God we see a hope and promisethat when Christ returns, he will return with a new name Rev 3:12, and that hewill give believers 2 accouterments that will be required in the last days.  

The first accouterment is the crown, which symbolizes oursovereignty, our royal lineage and our inheritance that our Father in Heavenhas promised—Psalm 2:8-9 states that “Ishall give thee the nations for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts ofthe earth for thy possession. Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron; thou shalt dash them inpieces like a potter's vessel.” Jesus states, in Rev 3:11, therefore “hold fast to which thou hast, letno man take thy crown.”  It is nosurprise that the fallen world recognizes the queen of England or the kings ofEurope, Africa and Asia, but when believers, (whom they deem to be peasants andslaves) who are co-heirs with Christ the King of Kings (Rom 8:17), claim OURkingship and OUR royal lineage we are made to feel illegitimate, crazy and calledmembers of a cult.  

Only God can decide how His Kingdom will beruled.  As Rev. 2:26, 27 states, “And he that overcometh, and keepeth my works unto the end,to him will I give power over the nations: And he shallrule them with a rod of iron; as the vessels of a potter shall they be brokento shivers: even as I received of my Father.” In Rev. 12:5the bible states, “Andshe brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron:and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne.”  Again in Rev. 19:15 “And out of hismouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it he should smite the nations: and heshall rule them with a rod of iron: and he treadeth the winepress of thefierceness and wrath of Almighty God.”

The rod of iron is the accouterment thatChrist uses, demands and bestows upon the inheritors of His eternalKingdom.  As children of God, it is incumbentupon every man and woman, to embrace the rule of the Rod of Iron and to have acrown of royalty and firearms as the rod of iron.  Only when the good citizens of the world, asco-heirs in God’s Kingdom control the power of the rod of iron, will the cancerof criminality, tyrannical governments and dictators cease to flourish and be “brokeninto shivers.”  Wolves fear the shepherdthat carries the Rod of Iron.  The simpleact of owning a physical Rod of Iron puts fear into the predator psychopathicclass.  But the sheep are comforted byits presence.  As Psalm 23 states, “Though I walk through the valley of theshadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thystaff they comfort me.”

           Whena good and free people with the Christian ethic of “Love God, Love thy neighbor,”have the dominion of the use of force there is peace.  When good, God-fearing people can exercisetheir right to keep and bear arms freely, evil cannot prevail.  When the power of the Rod of Iron is in thehands of the right people and not monopolized by government, the people canflourish, prosper and protect one another creating win-win enterprise and humanflourishing.  The kingdom of God is aKingdom where the God of love, justice and mercy rules and shepherds the worldwith the reign of the Rod of Iron.  Thisis not a tyrannical rule of Christ, as that would contradict the Word of God, whichsays that God is the same yesterday, today and forever.  

           The God ofAdam and Eve gave humanity free will and respected their free will so much asto let them decide to hate and disobey God. God grieving, called his people to repent and to return to Him throughthe prophets of the Old Testament.  God,so loved the world that he gave his only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ, “thatwhosoever believed on him would not perish and have eternal life” (John 3:16).  God so loves the world that when Christ’sKingdom comes, it will be ruled with him and his co-heirs with the rod ofiron.  In Matt 19 he says that, “when the Son of man shall sit in the throne ofhis glory, ye also shall sit upon twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes ofIsrael.”

In Rev 20:4 he says that theco-heirs with Christ will “live and rule with Christ a thousand years.”  In Matt 25 he states that the sheep and thegoats will be divided and that the sheep will be given authority.  God’s Eternal Kingdom will NOT be a socialistwelfare state for believers.  God’sKingdom will be a Kingdom of Kings and Queens that rule with Christ, haveauthority and responsibilities given to them by Christ and who will co-reignwith Christ with the Rod of Iron.  

By decentralizing the power ofthe Rod of Iron to all the citizens of the Kingdom of God, God vanquishes eviland smites them into shivers by the collective power that is entrusted to us asHis royal children and as his co-inheritors. In Matt 25:33-34 the Bible states, “And he shall set the sheep on hisright hand, but the goats on the left.   Thenshall the King say unto them on his right hand, Come, ye blessed of my Father,inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world.”

After Cain and Abel arrived inthe wilderness of Pennsylvania, having been unjustly removed from our appointedroles given to us by True Father, I began Sanctuary Church to continue topreach about the Kingdom of God and True Father’s legacy.  We were mocked, scorned and cursed by allthose who claimed to follow True Father, but who blindly followed the heresiesof the Han Mother and her betrayal of True Father and her lust of money andpower.

Since then the Han Mother hasproduced a “false constitution” of the Kingdom of God, which resembles the samehellish patterns of dictatorship that the world has endured through Satan’sdominion.  It is hellish nation oftotalitarian control, a Supreme Council with unlimited, unchecked powers and acivilian population that can have their citizenship and rights revoked by biggovernment.  This nightmarish future ofthe continuation of Satan’s ownership of the world stands in glaring contrastto the True Constitution of the Kingdom of God which I, as the only legitimateheir and successor that True Father chose himself, released just a few yearsago.  

The True Constitution describes afuture world that decentralizes power away from government back to the locallevel where citizens have inalienable rights protected by the Constitution ofthe Kingdom, which may NEVER be amended. These rights maximize human liberty and freedom from oppression.  Freedom of religion, speech, bearing arms,the press, and much more are all enshrined in the Constitution.  And even more checks are placed on thegovernment of the Kingdom where the government cannot grow beyond 10% GDP.  The Constitution makes illegal the systems ofsocialist/communist control, including Central Banking, State-Run Education,State-Run Healthcare, Federalized Military and Law Enforcement, banana republiccourts, and restrictive regulations and laws that are ALL required to beremoved from the books in full every 10 years.

This anti-communist,anti-socialist, anti-totalitarian, anti-dictatorship, anti-monopoly, andanti-globalist Kingdom where the citizens are kings and queens and have theGod-given rights of sovereignty and arms as the physical insurance against allthe past evils of political Satanism, is the long awaited Kingdom of God onearth where the people of God have the authority over the world to preserve andprotect liberty, human rights and God’s gifts for all, and to stand up to allenemies foreign and domestic.  

Our Beloved True Parents are once againvictorious and Cain and Abel and the 3 generational Kingships stand in totalalignment with the will of God the Father and as we speak the Providence of Godhas reclaimed the Chung pyung on Rod of Iron Way, in Thornhill, Tennessee,representing the spirit of not fearing to walk the course of thorns and thecourse of the cross, is being pioneered by the 3 Generational Kingship of ourTrue Parents.  

           The seat ofthe Cosmic Fall of Han Hakja, the Harlot of Babylon, and her desecration ofTrue Father and rejection of His Kingship line, was Chungpyung Korea which ledto a worldwide level Judgment and the increase of Satanic power with theCommunist-Corona virus and the abuse of government power everywhere.  Eventually Han Hakja would erect giantstatues to herself, with True Father in a small form on the side, and wouldhold prayers and events in front of this blasphemous, graven image.  Currently she erected owl statues onChungpyung Korea showing her allegiance to Molech—the Satanic deity ofinfanticide and prosperity, gods that are antithetical to the God of theBible.  So True Father has finally, 2months ago, dropped the hammer of judgment upon the Harlot of Babylon and hastotally cut off her money supply from Japan where the entire Japanesegovernment and law enforcement is coming after the Family Fraud Organization.  Millions of dollars that had been investedinto that Retreat Center in CP Korea with a Stadium that should have become theseat of the Abel UN, where only anti-communist nations could join, educatingthe nations to destroy the plague of political Satanism, socialism, and Communism. Because the Han mother allied with Satanand rejected Father’s direction, the judgment is now falling on her.

           At this timeof tremendous spiritual warfare, it is no coincidence that on the Chungpyung restoredproperty in TN, an actual civil war cemetery is on the property with both unionand confederate soldiers.  Over the lastyear the trees and weeds have been cut back and for the first time in over 150years, sunlight has warmed the forgotten graves of those young soldiers.  They alongside of all the spirits of those whofought in the wars for freedom are liberated and are part of the holy host ofheaven’s armies in the spiritual realm that will be united with God’sProvidence in the restored Chungpyung, uniting the warriors of today with thewarriors of the past.  Their desire toserve in heaven’s armies alongside True Father as Christ can be achievedthrough returning resurrection and attending and helping the patriots on theearth to stand up and protect America and Liberty at this most dangerous time.

           At the sametime, Satan’s realm and overreach across the world is growing and spreadinglike a cancer as the Communist Corona virus was the first phase to infectpeople with fear and their nations with Communism.  This battle is not of the flesh but ofprincipalities and powers and rulers of the darkness of the world and spiritualwickedness in high places.  The war cannotbe won with the flesh, as its root is the spiritual realm of Satan’s hatred forGod and God’s children.  

           We see thisas the Tyranny increases in Europe, China, Hong Kong, etc. people are cryingout and resisting more and more willing to risk their lives as martyrs.  As the spirit of the martyr floodsChristianity worldwide, God can connect the microcosmic realm of God’sProvidence to the Macrocosmic realm of His Providence and unite them bringingthem into oneness so that world level Christianity accepts True Father andunites with True Parents and God’s Kingship to build the Kingdom of God wherethe gifts of Liberty are preserved and protected and where all centralizedGovernments as agents of Satan, are condemned and brought to their final end.

Thus, we must brace ourselves formore attacks, more persecution, more mockery and the curse of the World Warthat is coming.  We must pray and fastfor the brave patriots to rise up in each nation to resist their tyrannicaloverlords, as this is the only way to weaken the global Satanic cartel’s powerand avoid thermal nuclear war which will only strengthen their centralizationof power.   With the power of the HolySpirit of God pouring out upon all flesh and guiding the prepared Abel-typeChrist followers of the body of Christ, we shall be victorious and Cheon Il Gukshall rise from the wilderness course to cover all the nations of thisworld—shining the light of the Good News of the Kingdom to all and shaking thenations and world for the glory of God and Christ!  

           TheTrue Parents of Heaven and Earth are now moving with all the Holy Hosts, andAngel Armies of the Spirit World! Our True Mother is serving our True Father inHeaven as she has her whole life on earth. True Parents, Cain and Abel, and the 3 Generational Kingship of Godstand with the tribal messiah/kings and queens of CIG to confront the evil ofthis world and to press forward to the Kingdom of God, CIG, that is quicklycoming to the earth!!!  And so that theKingdom of God can spread and cover this world lifting all nations from theplight of Satan’s dominion to the joy and liberation of the Kingdom of God inChrist let us praise God and our True Parents with a thunderous applause!!!Hallelujah, Amen and Aju!