Sanctuary Kingdom Academy 2019 Signups Open

WPUS is excited to announce three semesters for 2019 for the Sanctuary Kingdom Academy
1st Semester: Apr 13 - Jun 23rd
2nd Semester: July 6 - Sep 15th
3rd Semester: Sep 28 - Dec 8th
The Sanctuary Kingdom Academy is committed to giving students a life-transforming experience in their relationship with God by interacting with the 2nd King, scripture and developing a relationship with Jesus and the True Father.

Sanctuary Kingdom Academy is designed to connect citizens of Chun Il Guk to the 3 Kingship providence, Hyung Jin Nim, and the providence of True Father and God have bequeathed us. Though there are many offered educational programs, physical activities, and spiritual growth opportunities, Sanctuary Kingdom Academy wants to offer it all at a laid back and fun pace where students can feel accomplished while also maintain their well-being. Students will stay with blessed families, the students will learn and grow, then retain loving memories for the rest of their lives.
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