Cheon Il Goong Palace ('Heaven's Palace') Dedication and Opening Ceremony

On a spring-like New Year's Day 2017, the Unification Sanctuary dedicated Cheon Il Goong/ "Heaven's Palace" at its mountain-top location overseeing the tristate intersection of NY/NJ/PA. Hyung Jin Moon, whom True Father anointed as his heir and successor in three public ceremonies in 2009, explained that with this entrance ceremony for the palace, the time in the wilderness after the rebellion of the Han mother was coming to an end. 

He spoke movingly about the lonely times he spent in sub-zero cold communing with Father after being fired from his positions in Korea and in America in the months following Father's passing and moving to "Lord's Valley" in northeastern Pennsylvania. Signs of God's blessing and guidance were everywhere. The address number "154" of the new palace was the precise time that True Father passed onto the spirit world at 1:54am.  

In contrast to this humble beginning that started with the support of just a few local Unificationists, brothers and sisters from many parts of the world were in attendance to honor the Second King and Queen of Cheon il Guk, looking radiant in the midday sun. Hyung Jin Nim instructed that since he had inherited the authority of the King of Kings, we should all be wearing crowns as kings and queens of our own families, clans and restored sovereignty, as well.