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The Sanctuary Kingdom Academy committed to giving students a life transforming experience in their relationship with God by interacting with the 2nd King, scripture and developing a relationship with Jesus and the True Father.

What is Sanctuary Kingdom Academy?

Sanctuary Kingdom Academy is designed to connect citizens of Chun Il Guk to the 3 Kingship providence, Hyung Jin Nim and the providence of True Father and God have bequeathed us. Though there are many offered educational programs, physical activities, and spiritual growth opportunities, Sanctuary Kingdom Academy wants to offer it all at a laid back and fun pace where students can feel accomplished while also maintain their well-being. Students will stay with blessed families, the students will learn and grow, then retain loving memories for the rest of their lives.

Educational Program

The King’s Report and learning the heart of Father and Hyung Jin Nim is truly a special and profound opportunity. 

This special class will focus on dictation of the King’s Report, King’s Report discussion, Q & A, free talking, study of the King’s usage of American Colloquialisms, English words, phrases, and sentences and finally Divine Principle lesson weekly.

In addition, classes will be held on a wide variety of topics such as matching and blessing, developing a relationship with Christ, studying the bible, saving yourself for marriage and many other internal guidance. The education time period will also immerse students in learning about aquaponics, permaculture, micro farming and other practical agricultural topics. 

Much free time will be allowed for students to relax and connect with God. Fun (the purpose of life is JOY) will also be pursued at the Academy! Whitewater rafting, kayaking, swimming, hiking, fishing and other nature centered activities will be offered. Trips to NYC and Philadelphia for outreach and fun is also in the schedule. 

The King
Peace Police & Peace Militia 
Bushcrafting Training

Spending time and bonding with the citizens of Chun Il Guk is a prime objective of Hyung Jin Nim. Going out to nature, making primitive tools and shelters, learning survival methods, and having fun is a frequent event. Becoming comfortable in the harsh elements of nature is important training in becoming self-reliant. 

Brazilian Jiu Jit Su – BJJ

For exercise or to defend oneself in a life- threatening situation, Hyung Jin Nim personally teaches BJJ a few days of the week.

Fire Arms Training

This will take place at Kahr Arms. Where students can begin the mastery of self-defense through fire arms training. Learn from instructors who have a life time experience in the field of self-defense. 

Organic Farming Class and Internship: 

Learning to know and grow your own organic food from start to finish is an extremely important process which could easily be transferred all around the world.. 

Self-Reliance Program: Learn skills for living life

Using your mind and hands students will learn to use tools to create and function in life. Skills such as carpentry, electrical, plumbing and construction. Project in the area of handmade crafts such as soap making, essential oil diffusing, medicinal tincture extraction, building beehives & picnic tables and other functional crafts. 

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