Sanctuary Adventure Fitness Camp

August 11-18, 2019 • Hickory State Park

This camp will be held August 11-18, 2019 held at Hickory State Park (Shehaqua site) near White Haven PA

Cost: $200 per person ages 12 and up / $100 ages 6-11 and free for 5 and under

Choose from the following Adventure Fitness Camps
Family: Parents and children under the age of 15 yrs
Youth: 16 years to 35 years
Guerilla: 36 years and up

Sanctuary Adventure Fitness Camp will be like no other camp that has been done before! Starting from August 11-18, this camp will be run by Shigeru Tashiro, Gideon Raucci, and Mira Williams.

This is a camp where young people can feel their pride in being a citizen of Cheon Il Guk through hardcore training of Peace Police and Peace Militia!  Campers will undergo Brazilian Ju-Jitsu, firearms training as well as learning the anatomy of it such as dismantling and reassembling.   Bushcrafting, and lastly Heaven’s Tradition on the education of Absolute Sex.  

Little do these campers know that their lives may forever be changed in realizing their destiny as future Kings and Queens ruling with the Rod of Iron with the King of Kings.


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Family Camp: Parents and children 15 and under
This will be boot camp lite! Mostly FUN and some mild training depending on the age of the kids. Expect to learn the basics of defense, bush-crafting, survival, safety issues... plenty of hikes, singing and smores! Kevin and Tammy Brugman will lead

Youth Camp: 16 to 35 years
Think extreme and then think again. Limits will be challenged and broken down. Extreme fun and pain all wrapped into one incredible - unforgettable experience. Three of the King's men (Gideon, Mira and Shigeru) will lead this troop deep into the Kingdom culture. Be prepared and by coming with an open mind to challenge yourself. Bond with others and create the Kingdom.

Guerilla Camp: 35 and up
This will be a wonderful opportunity for us to have a camp that has a specialize focus which can really help us develop our knowledge and skills to build God's Kingdom. Here are some of the training topics and activities we could focus on Health (food, exercise, medical), Survival (5Cs, bush-crafting, prepping), Defense (simple BBJ, firearms, walking cane defense), Community (Building, outreach, YouTubing). All in all, it should be a great time to fellowship in God’s Glorious Creation! The Guerrillas will be lead by Kyle Toffee..... Come join the Guerrillas!

Meals will be prepared by Elke Noll and shared by all. Expect to eat well and be happy!