Nursery Renovation - Thank You for Your Support!

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The Nursery Moms want to send out a big THANK YOU to all those who supported us in the renovation of the nursery. It was completed in the summer of 2020, but we now have the opportunity here to thank everyone involved. Some might not remember what was in the Nursery room before, so please check out the photos. We had very old carpet and it was just dirty. While the climbing wall and chalkboard paint were a cool idea, it didn't really fit for the baby boom we are experiencing as a community now. Infants would just put chalk in their mouths and can't even sit up. 😉

We have to adapt to our growing community, which meant changing the design of the Nursery. Including upgrades! Like a TV to stream the service, a new window to let in fresh air, and a heating and cooling system!  

Step 1 was something we are as a community very familiar with, FUNDRAISING! Thank you to everyone who gave us donations and bought baked goods from our bake sale! Special shout out to our biggest sponsors:

  • Frey-Fetsock Funeral Home
  • Jim & Hiromi Stephens
  • Guy Goudi
  • Edward Titus
  • Regis & Nancy Hanna
  • Yohan & Ann YeEun Elder

Step 2 was time to get to work! The Nursery Moms had a lot of fun picking out colors and themes. Sticking to the mountains we see in the lobby and the wooden mountains already attached to the walls, we planned out a continuation of that theme around the whole room. We wanted the mossy green with blue sky and clouds as well as a natural wood look throughout including the flooring and any furniture we would bring in or mount to the walls. We needed that new window and the heating/cooling unit as well as getting the new TV mounted! Thank you to our volunteers!:

  • Misha Williams
  • Kristine Clark
  • Alexander Smith
  • Brandon Yamakawa
  • Alex Gaigg

And we made it happen just in time for the big baby boom we are experiencing now! Thank you also to those who have donated items to add to the Nursery (especially Ji-yae Moon for all the toys!). We are always looking to improve and provide a welcome place for our community 0-5 year olds and their parents/guardians. Everyone is welcome to come say hello during service and check out the new Nursery! And welcome especially to all those new (and new again) parents and kids!

Thank you!,
The Nursery Moms
Christina Kise, Nari Hanna, and Waka Raucci

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