The Foundation for True Father’s Victory

If Adam and Eve hadn't fallen, two types of children would have been born without original sin -- a firstborn and then subsequent non-firstborns. Since Adam and Eve did fall, a number of providential victories in the course of restoration had to be accomplished in order for Jesus (a firstborn) to be born without original sin, some of which were:

  • Heavenly Father's steadfastness
  • Abel's offering in the restorational foundation of faith
  • Noah's FF
  • the joint FF laid by Abraham and Isaac
  • Rebecca's critical support of Jacob
  • Jacob's FF
  • the restorational foundation of substance by Jacob and Esau
  • Tamar
  • Moses, Joshua, and Caleb
  • Rahab
  • Ruth
  • Samuel
  • Saul (for a time)
  • David
  • Bathsheba
  • Solomon (for a time)
  • the prophets
  • the bloodshed and deaths of hundreds of thousands of people
  • Zechariah the father of Jesus and Mary the mother of Jesus (for a time)

For True Father, a non-firstborn, to be born without original sin, a far greater price had to be paid throughout the almost nineteen hundred years after Jesus' death, the final piece of which was the incredible suffering incurred during World War One.  Divine Principle states:

"With the fall of the Satanic world and of the Kaiser who reigned over that world, the foundation of victory in the formation stage in the world on the Heavenly side was established; the foundation was established on which the Lord of the Second Advent could be born as the King of the World on the Heavenly side."   [DP, 1973, page 482]

That price was finally paid.

One of Hak Ja Han's lies is that True Father was born with original sin. Throughout our church life, it has always been stated explicitly that True Father was born without original sin.  Consider the great philosophers, theologians, religious figures, scientists, mathematicians, and thinkers of the past.  While there has been tremendous bloodshed throughout human history, the reason why none of the great minds could do what Father did (and what Jesus did) in unlocking the secrets of God's Ideal, the fall of man, and the history and pattern of restoration is because when they got close to the answer, Satan always had the hook of original sin to draw them and those whom they would influence back into a less enlightened state.

With True Father, Satan had no such hook.  It was True Father who wept rivers of tears through floorboards in order to comfort God's Heart of grief caused by the fall of man, not Hak Ja Han.  It was True Father and not Hak Ja Han who was tortured into shedding pints of blood in standing up for God, his most precious, loving Heavenly Father, and then thrown into the gutter and left for dead, restored to life in part by loving brothers and sisters who implored God to please take their lives instead of his.  It was True Father who maintained heavenly dignity as he shed gallons of sweat in the Hungnam death camp, not Hak Ja Han.  It was our True Father who unlocked the secrets that Satan had kept hidden for millennia and whom Satan had no power to stop, not Hak Ja Han.  Hak Ja Han and her mother joined True Father's movement, not vice versa.

True Father, a man without original sin who grew to perfection and whose love for God (and God's love for him) increased through such ordeals:

(a) knew God's Heart of hope and innocent expectation that His ideal would be substantiated, i.e. His Heart from before and during the Creation;

(b) knew God's Heart of grief that was caused by the fall and further saddened by the crucifixion of His Son Jesus; and

(c) knew and embodied God's resolute Heart to restore each of His lost sons and daughters.

Satan had no power and no condition by which he could stop Father directly.  His strategy has always been to target individuals who never felt close to Father and who therefore did not know the depth of True Father's absolutely obedient, absolutely faithful, and absolutely loving relationship with God.  Using whatever hook that was available to him, Satan would influence those individuals to demean True Father, try to destroy his standing in the hearts and minds of others with similar weaknesses, or otherwise block the implementation of Heavenly Father's providential directives.  That is precisely what Hak Ja Han has been doing since before True Father ascended.